A Message From Dr. Melonie Boone

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Our Founder

Business B.I.T.E.S was founded by Dr. Melonie Boone to bring scholarly practitioners and experts together and offer world-class lessons to busy professionals. Our lessons will help you elevate your skills to achieve results. Dr. Boone has dedicated her life to the pursuit of personal and professional development. She knows first hand how challenging it can be as a busy professional trying to build their skills. She created Business B.I.T.E.S to offer easy lesson to do on your schedule. Learn from the best so you can do great things.

Dr. Melonie Boone

Senior Instructor

Dr. Melonie Boone has had a dynamic career leading the development, planning, staffing, and budgeting of organizations from startups to thriving companies with thousands of staff on a global level. She has devoted over 24 years to being a passionate leader with an eye on growth while maintaining a people-centric focus on providing value-added services. Dr. Boone is a lifelong learner who holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a Master of Jurisprudence in Business Law and Corporate Governance from Loyola University Law School, an MBA from Florida Metropolitan University, and a BBA in HR Management from Loyola University of Chicago School of Business. To learn more about Dr. Boone visit: https://melonieboonephd.com

Yayra Tsikudo


Yayra is an organizational psychologist with a focus on industrial/organizational psychology. She helps organizations and professionals to perform optimally offering support by coaching and taking a consultative approach to supporting clients with organizational development, leadership development, talent management, career development, assessments, employee engagement, organizational culture, change management, and diversity and inclusion. Yayra is currently completing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She also holds a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School as well as a Bachelor's of Psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Vernon Johnson

Senior Instructor

Dr. Vernon Johnson is an accomplished and results-oriented professional with hands-on experience in diversity and inclusion, program coordination, organizational leadership, and community health. He has been proven to be an expert at providing direction, counseling, and recommendations on diversity and inclusion, professional development, and developing/promoting an inclusive environment and culture. Dr. Johnson attended Southern Illinois University-Carbondale for his bachelors and master’s degree in healthcare management and public health. Vernon also has a certificate in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University. Dr. Johnson received his doctorate in organizational leadership at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with his dissertation focusing on women of color in STEM careers and their barriers and supports through an intergenerational lens. Currently, Dr. Johnson leads diversity and inclusion and professional development at Brookfield Properties within the retail division since September 2020. Vernon enjoys time with his family, comic book movies, bike riding, and teaching Organizational Culture at the University of Chicago’s Crown School of Social Work. To learn more about Dr. Johnson visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/vernonlj

Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton

Senior Instructor

Dr. Benton's mission is to shed light on social and environmental issues and drive positive impact by enabling and encouraging ANYONE who is willing. She teaches and coaches on starting green teams, selling and leading sustainability initiatives, waste reduction, food sustainability, sustainable procurement, buying local programs, supplier diversity, social entrepreneurship, and more! Her goal is to make sustainability practical and approachable. To date, she has helped launch more than 120 green teams in a variety of industries, primarily in hospitality. Her philosophy is nicely summed up: "Better a mediocre idea with brilliant execution than a brilliant idea with mediocre execution." (Fernando Trias de Bes). Dr. Benton loves peaking on social and environmental topics! See the full list of speaking engagements and podcast interviews from recent years at https://www.astrapto.com/founder. To learn more about Dr. Benton visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/auroradawnbenton/